Mihano Momosa is a brand devoted to women. Mihailo Anusic, the fashion designer behind the brand, insists on creating items that nurture individuality and enable women to feel like they are in a modern fairy tale. Believing that each woman is unique in her way, he approaches making every item with the same dose of enthusiasm while still holding on to the feminine imperative.

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After getting a call from Mihailo, we arranged a meeting to discuss the logo design for his brand. He explained what he had in mind in a few short sentences. It was refreshing to see such modesty and determination in a young person. When clients have a clear vision of what they want, the design process leans more toward collaboration, and the results are likely more satisfying for all parties.

Since Mihano Momosa is a brand that nourishes uniqueness and individuality, we wanted to keep the logo authentic.

We achieved this effect by writing the name various times on a piece of paper, picking the best but not the perfect version, adjusting the strokes, and finally vectorizing the Mihano Momosa signature. When we were confident in our solution, we presented it to Mihailo. That one design was all it took. Since then, the brand has achieved enormous success in fashion. We would agree that 95% of it is due to his creations and hard work, but that 5% is thanks to the authenticity of the logo, which contains the entire essence of the brand in a single signature.

mihano-momosa-shopping-bags-on-cloth-stand-hanger mihano-momosa-shirts-with-pattern-design-on-cloth-stand-hanger
Mihano Momosa / 2017