The Football Club “Jedinstvo” in the small village of Gospodjinci has a long history. People in the village started playing this sport after World War I, as early as 1919.

  • Illustrations
  • Content Writing
  • Monograph Design

The clients first came to us with the idea of designing a small brochure to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Football Club “Jedinstvo”. After hearing how much the club and football tradition meant to the local community, we convinced them to do something bigger for this historic event.

The brochure eventually evolved into an 80-page, hard-cover photo monograph with details in gold print. The inside captures the club’s rich history, and it was designed to be modern but timeless by combining attractive layouts, creating illustrations, and playing with typography and grids.

Once the design was finished and the monograph printed, the club and the most loyal fans received copies of the book, commemorating a century of existence through photographs and words, capturing history. To quote, “The photo-monograph of the Football Club “Jedinstvo” Gospođinci represents a debt and an obligation to the thousands of those who’ve worn red and white – but also for the young ones who have yet to earn the trust and honor!”

FC Jedinstvo Gospodjinci / 2019